Whether for the purchase of a device or for the implementation of a CMS (Content Management System), WEBBROUWERS can both help with in-house IT and act as a translator between management and external IT.

Modern ecological buildings are the future, but they also come with a computer (which has to be programmed). Here too, WEBBROUWERS can give advice and help in the search for the ideal system for any project. You can also have us carry out any adjustments required to the programming of Niko Home Control.

As a company on the world wide web, and nowadays in the GPS of our smartphones being found is more necessary than ever. Depending on the needs, we can determine which platform best fits both the current and future vision of your company. 

In 2020, using the right tool at the right time is essential. WEBBROUWERS is familiar with most popular professional software packages and can provide advice and, if necessary, customised training. (for example: MS Office, Adobe, Google, …) 

From installing a smartphone to system upgrading of a dedicated local server and even changing a monitor or access point are part of WEBBROUWERS’ activities.

WEBBROUWERS has firsthand experience in producing a professional live web stream or podcast. From set-up to post production we can help you share on socials or meet in complicated conference calls.